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1944: Helmut Klar's Collection

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In February 1944. Dr. Helmut Klar visited Belgrade on his way to Vienna. On that occasion he took the series of photographs of Kalmyk Temple and its Head Lama (baksha) Jamnin (Sandji) Umaldinov.

Baksha S. Umaldinov  (1882 - 1946)  was Head of the Temple from 1928 when he replaced deceased Baksha Manchuda Burinov (1872 -1928). 

Dr. Klar wrote a several reports on his visit to Kalmyk Temple. Here is a sample (in German/ in  English)

Pictures courtesy of Dr. Klar, Germany. 

Read the biography of this distinguished Buddhist scholar: Bib/vv/soz/kantow/klar1.html