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      Selected  Bibliography:
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       A personal note:
The work on this project begun back  in 1975 when site administrator received a letter from a friend in London who informed him that there was a 'Buddhist temple in Belgrade' and asked him to check it out.

The site administrator lived next door with two Kalmyks back in 1962-1968 in the old part of Belgrade and was (at that time) unaware of their story/history - he was just a kid. He was very close with these quiet and gentle people, and they liked him very much - especially since he was fond of horses - from them he learned all he knew about these noble beings.  In 1968 he moved to a new part of the city and later - after receiving friend's letter -  he tried to contact his ex-neighbours - alas, it  was too late, they have been dead already. They had no children. 

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