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                                                    Early Period (1923 -1929)
In September 1923 the Kalmyks established a Buddhist temple on rented premises, located in the vicinity of their Association's H.Q. and placed it in care of three priests, headed by Baksha Gavi Jimba (Manchuda) Burinov.  In 1925 they moved to another house, an ordinary dwelling, since the first one was too small to receive all attending the service. From that period we have documents on financial support given by local authorities.
   On several occasions Kalmyk leaders appealed for a help from authorities. In this example (from 1925) they asked the Ministry of Religious Affairs for financial aid. The copy of the same letter was sent to Patriarch of Serbian Orthodox Church. Here is a copy Patriarch's  letter    to that Ministry concerning the matter. (original is in Serbian)
     The first report on Kalmyks in Belgrade and the temporary temple was published  in Zeitschrift fur Buddhismus' 1924/25 - Munchen 1925, no. 2, p. 388
(The text is in  German)
     From 1927. there is a report  on Buddhist community in Belgrade and the rite held in May of the same year. The report was written by John D. Prince, the Head of USA Mission to Yugoslavia. Entitled as"A Note on Kalmucks in Belgrade",it was printed for the first time in "American Anthropologist" (1928) and was reprinted in a book "Fragments from Babel"(Columbia University Press, New York, 1939).
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