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                                    1929: Building the Temple
     Sketch  of the temple from 1929. It was not possible to determine who designed the temple since there are no such documents available, but actual building never looked that way.
   As faithful Buddhist, the Kalmyks could not possibly live without the place of worship. Under the guidance of Colonel Abusha Alekseyev, the president of Construction Board (and president of Kalmyk Association for many yeas), and his associate, the Secretary Dr. Erenjen Hara-Davan (on the right) a find rising took place. A monetary donations came from the Kalmyks living all around Europe. The completition of the Temple was facilitated by all Kalmyks who helped building  it by their voluntary labor which ended after a few months.
   The major contribution to a plea for a help to build the Temple came from a local businessman and quite a wealthy man, Milos Jacimovic (1858 - 1940) who allotted a plot of family land for construction of the Temple (some 530 sq.m.). Assisted by his son, Cedomir (1896 - 1959) he also donated more than 10.000 bricks and over 7.500  pieces of tile, cement and other material. Following the example of this generous man, other prominent members of Serbian society contributed to fund rising campaign by donating mostly cash. Among these were also the members of Royal House.
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                 A fine collection of pictures of Kalmyk temples can be found in:
                 I. Borisenko: "The Temples of Kalmykia", Elista, 1994. (text in Russian)