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        Dr. Erenjen Hara-Davan

from left: S.B.Bayanov, Dr.Hara-Davan, 
B.N. Ulanov 
Dr.Erenjen Hara-Davan  ((1885 -1941)  was one of the most prominent leaders of Kalmyks in emigration. His articles and reports were published in Kalmyk journals 'Honho', 'Oiyrat', 'Ulan Zalat' , 'Kovilnie volni'. In Prague, a student group of Kalmyk Cultural Workers edited a cultural journal, The Road, under the general guidance of two Kalmyks, Mssrs. Ulanov and Bayanov.
In 1929. he published his book: Genghis Khan as the army leader and his heritage

Dr. Hara-Davan with his wife Sarah and son Genghis
On Kalmyk community in Czechoslovakia see: 
Jiri Sima: A propos de la colonie kalmouke de Tchecoslovaquie, in ETUDES MONGOLES ET SIBERIENNES, Paris, No. 4 (1973)
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