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                                                                       Ten years after
  Celebration  of  tenth anniversary of building the Temple (23. 11.1939). On that occasion a special 'honoris causadiploma was handed to Mr. Milos Jacimovic as a token of gratitude of Kalmyks living in Serbia for his immense help in erecting the Temple.
  In order to maintain the Kalmyk language and Buddhist Lamaist teaching, a Sunday school has been set up at the Temple. It is interesting  to note that a 'Religion' was a compulsory subject at elementary schools at that time. Since the Kalmyks were the Buddhists, and that only 'Christian credo' was taught, the authorities assigned them to 'Buddhist Teachings'  lessons at the Temple. The teacher of that was the resident monk and the marks were copied to pupil's report.
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